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Enroll at IHSPH


  • The International High School @ Prospect Heights is a 4-year college preparatory secondary school for recent immigrants who are learning English. In our school, students learn English while meeting the requirements of a regular high school diploma. We provide support through our programs, faculty and staff so that students graduate with a college or career plan, financial aid, and ready for the future!

  • If you are a new immigrant who has come to the United States in the last 4 years and are learning English and wants to prepare for the future while making friends from all over the world, then The International High School @ Prospect Heights is the school for you!

Admission Requirements:

  • New York City residents living in the United States four years

  • English Language Learners per New York City Department of Education guidelines scoring at the Entering, Emerging, or Transitioning levels on the NYSESLAT, NYSITELL, or LAB-R

For additional assistance:

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